About EncycloReader

EncycloReader is a web application designed for searching multiple online encyclopedias at once, and reading them in the common presentation standard. Search can be performed in about 30 million articles from encyclopedias with different publication policies and languages. Some of the major encyclopedias are shown here:
Scholarpedia.org Wikipedia.org Citizendium.org HandWiki.org Ballotpedia.org EduTech Wiki wikitia.com Encyclopedia of Mathematics Plato.stanford.edu Encyclopedia Mythica World History Encyclopedia International Standard Bible Encyclopedia Encyclopædia Britannica 11 Jewish Encyclopedia Encyclopedia of the Great Plains Conservapedia Rationalwiki mdwiki newworldencyclopedia wikiversity wikidoc oldpedia justapedia
Articles from the MediaWiki platform are best supported. Unlike general web search engines that deal with very diverse web resources, this resource is focused on encyclopedic content. Search results of EncycloReader are not distorted by advertisements and various search-engine optimization (SEO) methods to attract visitors. This ensures a sufficient decentralization and unbiased representation of search results.


The EncycloReader uses "an adaptive and evolving" mechanisms for article searches. Searches are performed by accessing search metadata of online encyclopedias directly, or by using cached data created by the readers. The more searches are performed, the more precise and quicker answer one should get. The software does not implement a web scraping or similar automated data-extraction technology designed to populate its internal search database.

Encyclosphere network

Articles viewed in EncycloReader are sent to the Encyclosphere network. You are welcome to download, host and share such articles as described here. EncycoReader articles cannot be removed, but you are welcome to improve them using the external encyclopedias that host original versions of such articles, or create new articles. They are updated in the network after viewing in EncycloReader.


If you would like to support the Encycloreader project, please use this link for donations.

Privacy notice

We are committed to protecting your right to privacy. This resource does not collect personal information (like the IP address).

Version history

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